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Ni(OH)2 Nanoplates Grown on Graphene as Advanced Electrochemical Pseudocapacitor Materials

• Hailiang Wang, Hernan Sanchez Casalongue, Yongye L
 Ni(OH)2 nanocrystals grown on graphene sheets with various degrees of oxidation are investigated as electrochemical pseudocapacitor materials for potential energy storage applications. Single-crystalline Ni(OH)2 hexagonal nanoplates directly grown on lightly-oxidized, electrically-conducting graphene sheets (GS) exhibit a high specific capacitance of ~1335F/g at a charge and discharge current density of 2.8A/g and ~953F/g at 45.7A/g with excellent cycling ability. The high specific capacitance and remarkable rate capability are promising for applications in supercapacitors with both high energy and power densities.

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