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How a man lived six months with no heart or pulse

• Terrence Aym
Jakub Halik, a remarkable 37-year-old Czech, is the first man in history to live without a heart or any pulse for an astonishing half a year. Halik's odyssey began April 3, 2012 when a crack Czech medical team—led by the brilliant professor, Dr. Jan Pirk—embarked on a trailblazing journey making medical history with an extraordinary surgical procedure: removing Halik's damaged heart...

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Comment by Aaron Kent
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I am studying to be a nurse and we had a guy with this exact type of machine in our clinicals. They referred to it as LVAD, he actually does have a pulse, the reason why they don't think he does is the pumps keep his BP to such a close range that it is hard to tell. Normal BP is usally 120/80 ish, a person on LVAD would be more like 90/80, so when auscultating it, rather than hearing the normal Diastole/Systole LUB-DUB, it would sound more like a quite purring.