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Nissan to offer drive-by-wire technology on select Infiniti models

•, By Will Shanklin
 As much as computers have permeated our lives, some things have remained old-fashioned. Just look at automobiles. Despite the presence of computer diagnostic systems, and built-in support for iPods, smartphones, and Siri, modern cars still largely rely on mechanical technology. Nissan is trying to change that, with drive-by-wire steering tech that has been long in development, but slow in real-world implementation.

Drive-by-wire tech has been held up as a "technology of the future" for well over a decade. It replaces the traditional mechanical relationship between steering wheel and tires with an electronic one. At least in theory, the biggest advantage of the system is that tires respond to driver input almost instantaneously.

Nissan's version is being marketed as "steer-by-wire," and will be introduced to some Infiniti models in 2013. The company says that this will be the first mass implementation of the tech in commercial vehicles.