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Rogue Geoengineer Dumps 100 Tons Of Iron Off Canada's West Coast

•, By Clay Dillow

The very idea of geoengineering--large-scale tampering with the planet’s natural climatological or geological systems to produce a desired effect--is brazen enough, but doing so in violation of two UN conventions is flat-out ballsy. That’s the word we would use to describe California businessman Russ George (we've profiled George's thwarted geoengineering efforts previously) who in July dumped more than 100 tons of iron sulfate into the Pacific in an effort to capture carbon from the air and sink it to the depths of the ocean.

Satellite images have confirmed George’s claim that his efforts have created a huge plankton boom across nearly 4,000 square miles of the northern Pacific. The idea--and George is not the first to have it--is that these plankton will absorb carbon dioxide from the air and then sink to the sea bed, lowering the amount of net carbon in the atmosphere and creating valuable carbon credits for George.

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