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License Plate Frame Foils Irksome Traffic-Light Cameras

•, By Jakob Schiller
 Jonathan Dandrow has developed noPhoto, which renders the pix snapped by those revenue-generating robo-cams useless. The technology behind noPhoto is fairly simple. At the top of the gadget, which doubles as a license plate frame, there’s an optical flash trigger that detects the flash of the traffic-light camera. That trigger sets off one or both xenon flashes in the sides of the noPhoto, so when the traffic-light camera opens its shutter, there’s too much light and the picture of your license plate is overexposed. Big Brother can’t read your plate.


The impetus for the noPhoto is two-fold, Dandrow says. On the one hand he just wanted to see if could make something that worked. He’s not an engineer, but he’s always tinkered with car-related gadgets and he loves cameras. NoPhoto combines both interests.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Unfortunately, I believe the legiscritters--ever mindful of your slave status--have made frames wrapped around their otherwise ugly license plates a crime in Arizona.  Bet the rest of the 49 follow through.