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Basic Cane Fighting Self-Defense

•, by Michael L.
 I think it is best to start with a simple disclaimer: you really can not learn any kind of hand to hand fighting skill from an article... especially one without pictures. If you really want to learn martial skills (I think "martial arts" is a terrible translation) then you need to seek out competent instruction and apply yourself to your lessons. There are a million pieces of advice on the Internet, even on this site, concerning how to pick a style or school but the simple fact is that you are limited to what is affordably offered in your area. Visit the available schools (and instructors) to find one where you feel physically, psychologically and financially comfortable. Even if "Fist X" is demonstrably the greatest fighting style ever it will not help you if the nearest school is 750 miles away or the fees are more than you make! Nor will "Fist X" help you if can attend classes but do not put in the effort necessary... receipts for karate lessons may get you a black belt but they will not win a fight!

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