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Complex Brains Half a Billion Years Old

• arclein
The remarkably well-preserved fossil of an extinct arthropodshows that anatomically complex brains evolved earlier than previously thought and have changed little over the course of evolution. According to University of Arizona neurobiologist Nicholas

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Comment by Ed Price
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Here we go again. Another piece of science fiction. As usual, not about the issue of the complexity of life - something we can see clearly all around us. Rather, about the half billion years.

Take a good guess about the time-line of fossils. We see areas of land where the geological strata - which has been attributed by some scientists to have been laid down over a period of millions of years - criss-crossed with fossilized trees that extend right through millions of years of strata as if someone teleported them there.

All this guess-work regarding millions of years might have been credible in the 1700s, using the limited knowledge that they had back then. But present-day science shows that it isn't even guess-work nowadays. It is pure science fiction.

The remarkably well preserved fossil in the article is no more than 5,000 to 6,000 years old... and possibly a lot less.

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