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How to End the Fed Without Relying on Congress

• Cantinista

If you’re like most people who wish for the Federal Reserves System to be relegated to the dustbin of history, you’re probably frustrated. No matter how much we complain to our elected “representatives” nothing ever happens to “End the Fed” and things just keep getting worse. So what’s a concerned American to do?

Well, in a nutshell, what you need to do is to withdraw your support from the Fed and encourage others to do likewise.

Of course, I can hear you saying, “But I don’t support the Fed!”

Unfortunately, you do support the Fed. You give it your support every time you cash your paycheck improperly. In doing so you volunteer and make yourself liable for the Federal Income Tax. You need to learn how to quit doing that. Remember, the Fed and the Income Tax came into being together about 100 years ago. They will end together as well when enough of us withdraw our support.

For now, all I am providing here are some links for your use so that you can understand how it is that you currently make the Fed possible; and how you can stop doing so, and thus, do your part to end it. Fortunately, it isn’t particularly difficult to do your part. However, it will take quite a few of us to get the job done. So let’s get crackin’!

The particulars have been researched and developed primarily by a gentleman by the name of David Merrill, along with those who have put his method into practice. You should read and study his online forum.


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