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No Charges for Officer in Submachine Gun Murder; Promised to 'Blow' Victim's 'Head O

• Reason magazine

Officer Steve Gilley of the Downey Police Department will not face charges from the Los Angeles District Attorney's office for the October 2011 submachine gun death of Michael Nida in Downey, Calif.

The prosecutor who investigated the killing said that Nida ignored warnings from police, including one from Gilley who promised to "blow [Nida's] head off." 

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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After over 20 years of engagement it has become clear that when someone advocates retaliatory violence against the state and/or its agents, the pronoun "We" is used liberally. We must must do this or that and not allow certain things. The organic solution to most of the violence perpetrated against individual human beings on this planet by "we" won't come about in the name of "we", but will be the result of solutions demonstrated by individuals that will inspire many... even billions of other individuals.

The power of an informed individual to direct his talents, resources and efforts towards the advocacy of peaceful ways to live and work is the most effective counter to the violence practiced by the state.

When tyranny is openly resisted it is always most effective when it is a result of a spontaneous order created from the chaos brought on by the initiation of force on individuals in the name of the interests of the "We".

History has shown the most effective revolutions against tyranny were won between the ears. A revolution of one sort of violence over another just means you have the most violent people in charge at the end of it all.

Resistance has already taken many unexpected forms that are effective in severing the puppet strings controlling our actions... and our minds.

The Central Planners are getting desperate and the death throes of The Empire are not going to be pretty. But the first effort has to be the understanding that The Empire of death does not benefit us as individuals or as a society.

Physical resistance against The State's tyranny is like trying to fight a War on Terror. Tyranny is a tactic. The source of that tyranny is much more dangerous. Don't ever think that I am not in a constant battle against tyranny. But I know that no quantity of lead is going to diminish the resolve to enslave us all,... it will only empower the idea that we need to be subjugated more.

Individuals taking responsibility for their own actions for their own reasons in their own way will benefit from a society that is educated about the environment that produced the actions. But whenever anyone starts advocating what "We" must do... they sound just like the bad guys we are in opposition to.

I just do what I think is best, and sometimes people help.

James Babb did a great job explaining how this attitude can have an enormous effect in the political arena.

Vote for Nobody's Jim Babb at Democracy Unplugged (Publisher Recommended Video)


Comment by Temper Bay
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Thugs must to be treated as thugs, regardless of what uniform they wear or authority they claim.   If we do not act against their tyranny with the severity required to ever end this then we become their slaves.  

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