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"Officer safety" - by Kent McManigal

• L. Neil Smith**Q**s The Libertarian Enterprise

I despise the bogus concept of "officer safety". What a completely disgusting justification for anything some corrupt cop (redundancy alert) wants to do to you.

Why would a reaver's safety be more important than mine or anyone else's? Why shouldn't I be able to disarm and cuff any cop I encounter as a safety precaution? You know, just until I ascertain that he is not a threat to me or to anyone else ("the public")? Who is actually more likely to shoot whom? Well, check out the statistics for yourself.


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Comment by Norm Nipperus
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I'm not sure what Neil Smith is responding to, if even anything, but I don't buy into the belief that all-cops-are-bad-and-useless. I've had a couple of bad police experiences but generally they've been good.

While police have plenty of room to improve and it's good to be knowledgeable, vigilant, prepared and not just assume that all police are good people and professional, I think most of them are. I think we hurt ourselves when we take this all-or-nothing approach that Neil seems to encourage here. Maybe I'm missing something.


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