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The Future of Children Project: A Pro-Obama Ad featuring Creepy Children

In this unsettling video, children sing about a world sold out to corporate interests with "seas filled with oil" and a bunch of stuff from China. It is pro-Obama in nature, though the lyrics are ambiguous and with mention of endless wars, it leaves you wondering if these kids even know who they are advocating you vote for.

Obviously, it was written by their democrat parents who must be equally uninformed about Obama's endless wars and disastrous handling of the BP oil spill. This video is exemplary of the nasty turn politics always take during an election year. There is a moral question of why is exploiting your child for political parties acceptable? It is really a creepy video as the children appear to be zombies singing with a deadpan expression, and the chorus of the song projects blame on the parents who refuse to vote for Obama. While it is understandable that older generations are partly to blame for the state of things, it is not due to lack of voting rather voting for the lesser of two evils.

I hope these children grow up and realize that they should direct their anger at the parents that exploited them for political purposes instead of encouraging real activism that is beneficial to their communities. This video is another reason I will be glad when this election is over. Exploitation of children is never an acceptable way of getting across a message, especially when you lie to them about your favored candidate or just completely ignore his actions because you are on the side of one party or the other. Younger generations should be upset with how older generations have shifted a gigantic debt burden on them, but some how that problem is conveniently left out. Check out this strange video, and let me know what you think.

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