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We Talk To The Mysterious Person Behind Saudi Arabia's Most Infamous Whistle-Blowing Twitter Acc

•, Joshua Berlinger

No one knows who runs the @mujtahidd Twitter handle (roughly translated, mujtahid means 'studious'). But it has nearly 700,000 followers, it tweets detailed information about the royal family, and has been called out directly called out by Saudi religious and political elites.

Last week, Business Insider reported on the activities of Mujtahid and how the anonymous Twitter user has changed the dynamic of political dissent within Saudi Arabia. This week, we spoke with Mujtahid about his activities.

Well, virtually so. Business Insider gchatted with the email account that Mujtahid supplies on his Twitter account, speaking only on the condition of anonymity.

Business Insider: First, I'd like to start by asking, who is Mujtahid? What does Mujtahid stand for?

Mujtahid: Mujtahid, in general, is the one who does his best with responsibility and sincerity in the issue he is dealing with. That is what I am doing with the knowledge I have. First, I do my best to verify the accuracy of my information. Second, I decide whether it can be published. Third, I decide how to publish it. It also has another specific meaning. Mujtahid in Islam is the one who does his best to use Islamic reference in a committed, responsible manner to issue a fatwa.

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