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Houston Bus Riders Have Enough of TSA Security Theater

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Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, April 27, 2012

Dozens of outraged residents attended a Houston METRO board meeting yesterday to express their disgust at how TSA workers were used to interrogate passengers on buses during a so-called “anti-terror” exercise last week.

Complaining of how their fourth amendment rights were violated, residents were joined by several prominent lawyers in an extraordinary backlash against the federal agency and local authorities.

The meeting was dominated by more denials on behalf of METRO that warrantless bag searches had occurred during the drill, labeled BusSafe, which was billed as a counter-terror exercise yet only managed to snag alleged prostitutes and drug users.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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The TSA people are very,very sick people..and they have families,I think! Their IQ`S were even too low to be a Cop.

Comment by Ed Price
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Buses are subsidized. That's why a bus ride is so cheap. Now, subsidies will have to go up. Taxes will need to be raised to cover the costs of increased subsidies.

Why will subsidies go up? Because METRO gets some of its funding from the sales of tickets. Sales will go down because folks will figure out some other form of transportation. Yet, the buses will still be required to run for the few folks who continue to use them. Subsidies will go up. Taxes will go up.

Same with the airlines.

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