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A NUCLEAR POWDER KEG: Is Mankind Smarter Than the Dinosaurs?

• Helga Zepp-LaRouche, EIR

It's almost inconceivable: The world is not just on the brink or war, but already in the midst of a dynamic that could very quickly lead to global thermonuclear war and the extinction of the human species; yet in Germany, there is no debate in the media about the threat, none of the parties that are represented in the Bundestag has anything to say about it, and there are no mass demonstrations in the streets. Will human civilization come to an end under a state of general anesthesia, because we are too busy with our daily lives?

At the height of the medium-range missile crisis in the early 1980s, when the deployment of the Soviet SS-20s and the U.S. Pershing II missiles in Europe had reduced the warning time for the launch of nuclear weapons to a few minutes, many hundreds of thousands of people were on the streets, warning against the threat of a "nuclear holocaust." Over 10 million people worldwide demonstrated before the launch of the 1990-91 Gulf War, while in Berlin alone, there were over 500,000 on the streets before the Iraq War in 2003.

A Drumbeat for War

And today? Since the "humanitarian intervention" in Libya and the brutal murder of Qaddafi last Fall, there has been a growing concentration of nuclear weapons in the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, the eastern Mediterranean, and the western Pacific—weapons whose "overkill" capacity could destroy the human species and probably everything else, a few dozen times over. The policy of "regime change" plunged first Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya into chaos, and now the conflagration has spread not only to Syria, but to Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan, while the entire Middle East looks like the Balkans before the First World War, with several fuses for catastrophe already burning.


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