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Ya Gotta Vote! - sung by Larkin Rose

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There should be a video for this soon, but I wanted to post the song quickly, since the important day is almost upon us! (Gack.)

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Comment by Ed Price
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When you break the idea of voting down to its basic form, voting is simply choosing. It is making a choice.

Let's say you go to the polls and vote. What happens after you have made your choice is completely out of your hands. Your vote... your choice... is a thing you do inside your head. It is a thing you do with your mind. It only takes a few seconds... maybe a minute or two... in the election booth. Then it is done. You have made your choice, and what follows is entirely out of your hands... EXCEPT...

There are a whole bunch of people who are continuing to vote once they have left the election booth. They are folks like Larken Rose, who votes over and over by publishing this video, all the rest of his videos, and all his books and whatever else he does. With the support of his wife, they are voting in a big way throughout their lives, day by day, over and over.

Others are Ernie, Donna and Powell, who, along with Michael have made this website to flourish. And they are voting over and over and over again in all the ways that they are trying to wake the people up.

Take a look at people like 4409, and Ademo, and the people behind Free Keene to name a few. There are thousands more who are voting in a big way, every day of their lives. I even vote a little, with my two cents worth that I throw up in the Freedom's Phoenix forum.

So, how much are you voting? Voting in the REAL way. Voting every day to get rid of the corruption in Government. Voting by your actions, throughout your life, to help inform others, so that we move forward towards a time when we can actually make the choice at the polls to be a true choosing activity, rather than just an activity that essentially means nothing.

GET OUT THERE AND VOTE WITH YOUR LIFE !!! If you don't, you just might wind up losing the right to vote in your head... your mental freedom of choice.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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"I'm allowed to hide in a booth and press a button and that makes me important"



Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LMFAO

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