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The Facts About Fluoride & Human Intelligence

•, Michael Connett
In July, a team of Harvard and Chinese scientists published a study that warned of fluoride’s potential to reduce human intelligence. The researchers issued their warning after reviewing dozens of studies from the past two decades that have linked elevated fluoride exposure to reduced IQ in children. Although the National Research Council issued a similar warning in 2006, advocates of fluoridation continue to push ahead with plans to fluoridate yet more water supplies in what is already the most fluoridated nation on Earth: the United States.Fluoridation advocates — including both scientists and city officials — are seriously misrepresenting, and in some cases making outright false statements, about the Harvard team’s study.

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Comment by Ed Price
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That's right. Focus on the water. But be sure to brush with Crest or some other fluoride tooth paste that has thousands of times the fluoride in it as does the water. If we can't get it down your throat, we'll at least get it into your system through the membranes in your mouth. With FDA blessings, of course.

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