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Americans Aged 18-29 Have a More Favorable View Towards Socialism Than Capitalism

•, by Paulreal
 You can view the charts here by age category:

What do you think are some of the reasons for the "socialization of America's youth"?

Here are some of my guesses:

-constant bombardment of anti capitalistic messages from the Main Stream Media & public schools;

-growing up with government programs like social security, pell grants & unemployment insurance;

-growing up In a cashless/credit card (debt based) society where they don't see the value of things in tangible exchanges;

-child labor laws and regulations that prevent kids from working and running lemonade stands in their formative years and the futility of even trying to work your way through an expensive debt financed 4 year college program;

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Comment by Ed Price
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Part of this problem is that older Americans - the ones who have experienced all the good things that capitalism can bring about - don't understand what the bankers are doing to the world. The few that do haven't found a way to live outside of MONEY while keeping the luxury that they are used to. And the very few who live off the grid, are in danger of physical take-over by the military or police systems that spring from all the other people.

Yet, the people are waking up... slowly. Look at the occupies - the fact that they exist. They aren't all out there demanding increased socialism. Will the people wake up fast enough to be able to do something about the problem? How do we wake each other up faster?

The Ron Paul "crusade" has shown us that there are a lot of college and high school kids that are seeing the light. Hopefully they will snap wide awake to the problems. Because it is they and their children who will face the "beast" more than the rest of us..

Comment by Anon Commenter
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What many Americans simply DO NOT comprehend, is WHY is America turning Marxist?  I'll tell you why:  CENTRAL BANKERS.  You see, everything in society has become financialized, by CENTRAL BANKERS.  If you control the printing presses, that print up the Federal Reserve Notes, that everyone uses, to buy things - YOU CONTROL EVERYTHING!  You can, for example, print up as many FRN's as you personally need, in order to buy Mansions, Yachts, Islands (such as Greek Islands), Lamborghini's, Countries, Politicians, the Main Stream Media, Armies, etc.  And, you can print up as many FRN's as you'd need to BAIL OUT ALL YOUR FELLOW FRAUDSTERS, and CRONIES, who are an important part, of your MATRIX SYSTEM - like the other TBTF ("Too-Big-To-Fail") Banks.  You bail them out, like in 2008, by printing up tens of TRILLIONS of debt-based FRN's, that taxpayers will never be able to pay back, and hand them over to your key cronies, to keep the status quo going.  It's perpetual financial slavery.  It's socialism/communism for the masses, with all profits aggregating into the hands of the .01% of the top 1%.  It's ONLY the top 1% who are experiencing a 'recovery'.  The rest of us - the 99% - we're the ones that will experience the 'fiscal cliff'.

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