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Family Calls Police To Report Drugs Left In Rental Property In Georgia . . . Police Arrest Parents

Michael Keeley and his wife are legitimately confused. Police in Georgia arrested three men in their rental property in October after finding meth inside their car. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security and Clayton police then searched the rental property for additional drugs and evidence. According to the Keeley’s, they did not look hard enough. When Keeley and his wife and 9-year-old child went to the home that day to clean it for the next tenant, they found eight bags of narcotics hidden behind the walls. They called police which came right over . . . and arrested the couple in front of their nine-year-old child. They say it was the local Clayton police who were abusive — grabbing their phone and yelling at them. They told Keeley to stop lying and that they knew no one broke into the home. It is not clear why Keeley would call to report his own drugs. 

They say that police further stated that they were going to send their 9-year-old to the Department of Family and Children Services. Fortunately, a neighbor came forward to take the boy. They spent two days in jail before securing their release but prosecutors and police have not dropped charges. They are still facing a court date on the criminal charges. ICE publicly stated that they did not charge the couple with any federal offense. 

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