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The Fed is so sorry, but the gold is wet. You can't see it.

•, by fishyculture
"Louis Nardozi, Yesterday 07:28 PM
How can someone whose job is to investigate be so phenomenally stupid? The issue isn't whether the gold is THERE, or whether it has been adulterated. Those are straw men, deliberately brought up to mislead questioners.
The issue is, WHOSE gold is the gold that's 'there'? Is it owned by one person, or do a thousand have claim to the exact same bar? We're all certain Germany's gold is IN there - the question is, can they get it back out? Doesn't look like it, they best they can do is get a paltry 50 tons a year when they 'have' thousands here. Has it been promised as collateral? Has it been leased? Is it part of a gold swap - those same gold swaps that the FED says doesn't exist but that they have also denied FOIA requests about?
Calling something a 'conspiracy theory' when it is incontrovertible fact is just further proof of the abysmal quality of this 'reporting'. Who are you shilling for, Summers?" 

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