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Ron Paul Schools Us on the New World Order

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I was at that Democratic Convention in Madison Square Garden on July 16, 1992 when Clinton mentioned his teacher Carroll Quigley in his acceptance speech for the Presidential Nomination of the Democratic Party. At the time, I was still a far-left liberal. I had been reading about this One World Government conspiracy for almost 5 years (I had first heard about it from a couple of Birchers who I had met in California), yet I still didn't believe it. I thought it was some far-right paranoid fantasy. But when Bill Clinton said "Carroll Quigley," it was one of those rare life-changing moments that many of us experience: I knew that everything those "paranoid" Birchers had told me was true. I knew that the Democratic Party was controlled by the same financial interests that controlled the Republican Party. I knew that I couldn't vote for Clinton (and I certainly wasn't going to vote for his Republican opponent George H.W. "Skull & Bonesman" Bush). Fortunately, a few weeks later I happened to chance upon hearing on C-SPAN the Libertarian Party Presidential nominee Andre Marrou speaking at a Libertarian fundraising dinner. The rest, as they say, is history.

If you don't want to plow through all of Carroll Quiqley's 1,300+ page tome Tragedy and Hope, here is the infamous Chapter 65 from that book in which Quigley reveals in detail the history of the plans for a One World Government.


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