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GOP OK with New Taxes day after elections

• Washington Post
Quickly pivoting the political conversation from President Obama’s reelection to Washington’s looming budget battles, House Speaker John A. Boehner on Wednesday offered a potential path to compromise, saying Republicans are “willing to accept new revenue” to tame the soaring national debt and avert an ugly battle over the approaching “fiscal cliff.”

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Comment by Ken Valentine
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 As far as I'm concerned, the only people in this country more dishonest than your average elected official is the individual who votes for them.

And the original quote was, "The vice presidency isn't worth a bucket of warm piss."  -- John Nance Garner ... FDR's first vice president.

Comment by David McElroy
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Gee, when has the Congress or the White House ever declined to "accept new revenue"? The greedy bastards are never satisfied with the ever-increasing levels of extortion, fraud, and outright armed robbery imposed upon us. They will take everything we have, depriving us of sustenance, and rifle through our pockets to take the last coin from off our dead bodies. Obamacare is excellent case in point. It's a plan to cull the herd with "affordable healthcare" imposing euthanasia on "useless eaters" no longer turning a profit for the District of Criminals. Just wait for the 2013 taxes to kick in... you know where!

Comment by Temper Bay
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The combined politicians of both the House and Senate aren't worth a bucket of warm spit. 

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