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Stomp Romp Musical equipment 15% off #BitcoinFriday

Magnificent musicians and glorious gearheads, I hope this letter finds you well. My bro and I started Stomp Romp to reach more of the non-mainstream crowd and try to promote our obsession with smaller guitar gear manufacturers. There are some pretty kick ass independent guitar stores out there. This shop is simply our attitude and our way of doing what we're good at. That is, finding the coolest and highest quality gear companies in the world and stalking them until they like us.   We have no interest in being just another guitar store nor do we intend to work with the suits in this business. The way we see it, diversifying guitar gear promotes musical creativity. If everybody plays the same two-three guitars through the same two-three amps, that completely limits the tonal spectrum. We love crazy music, damn it. We may be tormented souls, but music will always be our escape! And musical gear can’t just be another electrical appliance, like a toaster oven, washing machine or even an electric screwdriver! It’s what you use to express yourself when words alone are simply useless. Actually...washing machines could be used as musical instruments (which is exactly my point!).  This is a passion for us more than anything, being a part of creating amazing and insane music!  We want to get to know as many of you as possible, anywhere. This isn’t only about us selling gear, it’s about the whole community of people who give a damn about how they create sound. We are experts when it comes to tone. We most definitely care about the smallest details of perfecting this art. We will not sell anything we do not stand behind. If it's not up to our standards, we simply will not offer it to you. Prior to Stomp Romp, we owned a shop by the name of Rash Gash Guitars in Tel Aviv, Israel. We were able to change the way people thought about gear, tone and their overall concept of the guitar store experience. More importantly, we succeeded in surrounding ourselves with super cool peeps of the guitarist and bassist persuasions who created some pretty sick music.  Bottom line, dearest pedalphile comrades, we’re here to help with your tone and music in any way we can. Whether you’re buying something or not, talk to us, share with us. Be sure to keep it informal, raw, and funny when possible! We're only snobs towards gear, not people. We have a facebook page for...well wasting our lives mostly...but also updates (for and from you), photos, videos and just plain random shit. All the other terrific social media and contact info can be found here.
Cheerio! Zach and Josh Stomp Romp