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30-hour wait for fuel offers plenty of intrigue but no no gas

 Man who thought he had the inside scoop got in a Brooklyn gas line six hours ahead of a phantom 8 p.m. delivery, but it did not come. So, he waited and waited and waited some more. Conversations abounded, bladders gave out, car heaters whirred from overwork and a heated altercation ensued. And still no gas.

Downtown Ronnie Califano waited 30 hours on a Brooklyn gasoline line — and got no gas.

The marathon started last Friday when Califano’s daughter told him a Gulf attendant on Bath Ave. and Bay Parkway said a gas truck was coming at 8 p.m. Saturday.

“I figure I got the inside scoop so I got on line at 2 p.m. Saturday,” Califano said. “Figured I could make some calls for my doo-wop oldies Christmas show fund-raiser starring Jay Black at St. Athanasius Church on Dec 1. It’s sold-out, but still a million details for catering, security, parking, VIP seating. I set up my office for a few hours in my car on the gas line.”

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Comment by Trevor PresentlyInAshFork
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Uh huh. 45 minutes North of NYC there's plenty of gas, plenty of places to get it, no limits on how much you can buy.

But these folks will sit there and wait hour after hour for a few gallons.

Ask yourself why that is.