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 "After the election, I'll have more flexibility."

That's what the president told Dmitry Medvedev when he thought the microphone was off. So now that he's more "flexible," what can we expect?

Get ready for the REAL Barack Obama. Because he doesn't need progressives out there anymore. He's free – free to be who he really is. And who he really is became apparent during the foreign policy debate, when he and Mitt Romney agreed about practically everything. "We're doing all we can," said the president, when Romney said he'd arm the Syrian rebels. And no sooner had Obama been reelected than the speculation about where the U.S. military might strike next began.

Yesterday it was Libya; will it be Syria or Iran tomorrow?



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Comment by Ed Price
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Remember. The real culprit is Congress. If Congress were for the people, they could limit the President so that he could hardly make a move. As it is, they are using him as a puppet and a scapegoat to cover up their shenanigans... to take the focus off the things that they are doing behind the scenes.

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