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American Expatriation

•, by Adam Bilzerian
  The US government is notorious for under-publishing the full list of Americans renouncing though, so 1,800 is likely on the low end. What is known for certain is that the numbers of Americans renouncing their citizenships have become so great in some jurisdictions that the State Department has actually scheduled mass renunciations for rooms full of people. Over the last decade, the number of Americans choosing to renounce has exponentially increased almost every year. The vast majority of these people are extremely wealthy, highly-educated Americans who are cashing in their US assets and taking their resources to more hospitable locations. At a time when the top 1% of American earners pay about 37% of all the federal taxes, the US can ill-afford to lose even a few super-wealthy taxpayers. Unfortunately, this trend will surely continue and have a significant impact on the American economy in the near future.

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