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The Greatest Milestones In Matter

•, By Laura Geggel

Paleolithic humans fire ceramic figures from clay, showing early aptitude in materials processing.

5,000 B.C.: People near modern-day Turkey learn they can not only extract liquid copper from malachite and azurite, but also cast it into various shapes.

3,000 B.C.: Metal workers in modern Syria and Turkey create bronze—one of the first alloys—by adding tin ore to copper ore.
 Ancient Egyptians make glass beads, the earliest-known examples of the material. Roughly 2,400 years later, glass is blown into water­tight vessels.

2,000 B.C.: People in Anatolia and Persia begin producing iron from metal ores.

1750: Britain grants the first glue patent for an adhesive derived from fish. Cascades of natural and synthetic glues follow in its sticky footsteps.

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