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Letter Re: The Core Kit: First Aid and Beyond

•, S.H. in Texas
 First, I must thank Jason for his time, knowledge, and insight, as well as for his service to our country. His sense of humor was well-received as well! My comments are minor, but may clarify/enhance an issue or two.

First, as Jason suggests, it is wise to follow "Universal Precautions" whenever you are dealing with the blood or bodily fluids of someone else. In the health care field, these precautions simply mean to protect yourself as if the unknown person has a blood-borne disease, whether you know it to be true or not. However, thankfully, Jason's statement: "Realize that every person has unique blood. This includes pathogens. We all have something in our blood we should not pass around" is a bit of an overstatement. The blood of a healthy person is sterile, except for the living blood cells that are a natural component of human blood.

With regard to the analgesic (pain med) section, I fear that a few typos may result in a misunderstanding of the intended points. First, ibuprofen should not be the long term choice of analgesic if you have stomach problems (especially if you're prone to ulcers). As a side-effect of it's pharmacological action, it inhibits the formation of the essential mucous layer which protects the lining of the stomach from the extreme acidity of the gastric juices.

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