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Kantara floats voluntary-compulsory authentication for social saftey nets

The Kantara Initiative paved a name and a place for themselves by bringing bank card infrastructure to US food stamp programs and general relief banking options. Kantara's work centers on social safety nets and frameworks of anyone completely dependent on the US government for food, shelter or money. The user population for their services has dramatically increased due to Iraq and Afghanistan war homecomings and the 2008 economic crash. Slow job growth and unemployment has pushed many Americans into US social service systems in larger numbers.

Kantara's brand of authentication may not necessarily give government dependent publics the ability to opt out of NSTIC's authentication methods, like biometrics (fingerprints, iris scans, eye veins, DNA) using FICAM. While NSTIC claims it will be a voluntary for users, Kantara's guarantors will promote 3rd party authentication development as an essential. This does not leave a lot of wiggle room for veterans, Medicare health care beneficiaries, federal employess and anyone else who relies on the government for financial resources or benefits.

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