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Video: Police shoot dog in Omaha

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Grainy as it is, the video shows officers stopping the man, who they described as drunk and defiant. One officer takes him down; the other shoots the dog he was walking.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Americans should fear being harmed by police. 

Increasingly there are published stories of police shooting unarmed Citizens; even shooting (without cause) their family dog. It appears some police (get off) killing the family pet.

Following are Police explanations extracted from news reports why police...shot unarmed Citizens. It would appear under broad guidelines of many cities and states, police may claim—any imagined or actual physical act or non-compliance by a stopped Citizen—posed an imminent threat to an officer(s)' life to warrant shooting someone. For example this can happen to anyone: Police within two or three seconds give conflicting orders confusing a stopped suspect—police shoot the suspect stating suspect did not respond. A stopped suspect may be shot no matter how hard the suspect tries to comply. Police in banana republics where America appears headed, have been reported purposely giving stopped suspects conflicting commands so police can shoot them; and it is often not possible to determine if police were executing a lawful stop or planned assassination. In Northern Ireland during the 1990's it was reported that British Soldiers waved persons though checkpoints then machine-gunned them claiming they failed to stop.

If pulled-over by U.S. police, reaching toward your glove compartment for your registration even after the officer asks for it, could justify police shooting you. Police can claim you reached too fast or without the officer’s permission—that the officer feared for his life.

Recently it was reported after police pulled over an unarmed driver, police shot the driver dead because they allegedly feared the stopped vehicle could assault them despite the vehicle’s engine was turned off. Another report stated that after two police cars stopped a driver (wedging in the driver’s car) so it could not go anywhere, police shot the driver dead because they allegedly feared being assaulted by the vehicle.  If pulled over by police, be sure to park your vehicle at an angle police can’t easily claim posed an opportunity to threaten an officer’s life.

Federal Government has been militarizing, training local police to act like soldiers, not community police. U.S. Government intends to establish a National Police Force that will include (armed forces' personnel) with state and local police. That is against the Constitution. Expect more shootings of unarmed Civilians and family pets, consistent with increased military involvement in local and state police.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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I have said it a million times before. These nazi drones with guns and badges are the most dangerous element we have in our society today. What used to represent some inkling of protection and safety now screams with force and violence all sanctioned and condoned by  the black robe devils hiding behind the illusion of respectability as they run and control the dens of corruption most call courts. It will continue to be business as usual until the sheeple wake up, get a rope and take care of business.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Cop`s are well know for beating their wives,and are only allowed in the Academies because they can be trained to Kill On Command.If you live near a Cop please watch it closely.You life may depend on it...THE WILL KILL YOU IF TOLD TO,and YOUR DOG WITHOUT BEING TOLD TO..JUST TO SHOW THEIR COMMANDER THAT THEY ARE A BRAVE,GOOD COP THAT CAN BE TRUSTED TO DO AS THEY ARE TOLD...including KILLING A HUMAN BEING.

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