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Letter Re: Anticipated Refugees Flows in a Grid Down Collapse

•, John T. / JWR
 I've read your articles on the great redoubt, rankings and ratings etc... I can respect your criteria and agree with most of it. The question that I'm pondering however, is that in a serious SHTF scenario, how will mass migrations occur. The "head for the hills" mentality will motivate millions to escape die off zones desperately seeking life's basics. I agree that in a scenario of seriously "grid down", a great many Americans will die. In contrast to your "Great American Redoubt" however, I would posit the following;

1. Logistically the "Redoubt" is challenged. From a foraging standpoint, there are precious few distribution points, raw materials or other commodities stockpiled. 2., The population density, while generally fewer than 50 people per sq. mile, will suffer from a lack of abundant skill sets in "post event industrialization". 3. While agriculturally strong, the Redoubt lacks basic transportation infrastructure to economically drive it in a post event scenario. Primarily a sustenance existence with localized bartering.

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