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Marijuana Prohibition Will Die of 1,000 Cuts…So Look Out

•, by Alex R. Knight
The local rulers of the District of Criminals also recognize such provisions, benign repositories of wisdom that they are. In some of these arbitrary geographical locations, such as Marxachusetts, even non-medical offenders are fined, along with confiscation of their plant-of-choice, instead of time in a steel cage. Still tyranny, but with a softer, more politically-palatable edge to it.

Now in the wake of the 2012 bi-annual choice of whom shall issue us all orders, the tax farms of Washington and Colorado have gone further still in that a majority of people casting ballots inside those two sets of imaginary boundaries have decided they don’t want armed government thugs interfering with them in any way if they choose to use marijuana recreationally. Following this lead, the bureaucrats in both Maine and Rhode Island, perhaps not to be left out of a chance to enter a popularity contest, have filed legislation to emulate the same.

This is not a trend that seems likely to reverse. The horse is now out of the stable, and I doubt if any amount of obstinance from the federal goons is going to have much more effect than such an attitude did for their counterparts in Warsaw Pact eastern Europe in 1991. Relatively soon now, as I hinted at in an earlier essay, marijuana will no longer be considered illegal (or, perhaps more correctly, will be considered legal once again) by those who arrogantly claim the power to tell us what we may or may not do, use, have, sell, make, or be.

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