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What does Texas secession mean to libertarians?

•, By: Garry Reed

The count at this writing is 107,145.

But what exactly would a Texas free from the US government mean to libertarians?

Would it be freer – politically, socially, economically – than it is today? Or worse?

Several organizations are working the same side of this street:
 "Texas Secede" never considers what kind of society or nation-state Texas would or should become after secession. What would prevent a new Texas Republic from simply trading what they call "bipartisan despots in Washington" for bipartisan despots in Austin?
In short, while Texas Secede wants Texas to be "a free and independent State" they never specify whether individuals have any right to be free and independent from the state. Their website quotes the Texas Constitution as saying "All political power is inherent in the people" rather than inherent in each individual person.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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For the most part these secession petitions are simply demands to leave one set of rulers (and their debt) for another set of rulers.  Myopic cowardly fools.  Can't envision a world where they take care of themselves and mind their own business.

Comment by Norm Nipperus
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 I'd rather live in the small country of Texas that would be easier to leave if things got bad enough than put up with our current corrupt federal government that is too much like Hotel California. This pressure of too many of its citizens leaving would be a check on the government of Texas.

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