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South Korea develops bird strike defense robot

•, By Jason Falconer
 Birds are a major headache around military air bases and civilian airports all over the world, as they can cause significant damage when they collide with aircraft or get sucked into engines. The robot is a six-wheeled unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that uses a combination of directional acoustics and laser patterns to scare birds away.
The UGV is semi-autonomous, meaning a human operator manages its operations from a control station. The robot is able to avoid obstacles and return to specific locations autonomously, so that even if the station becomes inoperable it won't cause accidents. It measures approximately eight feet (2.5 meters) long and weighs 1.2 tons (1.09 tonnes). It's rigged with a combination of directional acoustic transmission and detection, green laser transmission, day and night color cameras, thermal imaging and laser scanners, and can perform day and night in any weather conditions.

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