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Maker of Airport Body Scanners Suspected of Falsifying Software Tests

• Wired
A company that supplies controversial passenger-screening machines for U.S. airports is under suspicion for possibly manipulating tests on privacy software designed to prevent the machines from producing graphic body images.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Have You Been Secretly X-ray-Scanned by Government / Police?

How much harmful radiation is secretly transmitted into the bodies of Americans by U.S. Government and Police that covertly x-ray without warrants private homes, Americans walking on the street; in their vehicles—repeated x-rays of “Persons of Interests.”

A Corrupt U.S. Government /agency, police and independent contractors without public oversight can too easily use X-ray scanners to harm or kill Americans that government deems undesirable—overdose them with radiation. Almost every week there are reports of police arrested for e.g. selling drugs, taking bribes, planting evidence so it should be expected corrupt law enforcement will use covert x-ray scanners to harm Americans.

Consider Government’s COINTELPRO operation that abused and targeted Americans because they exercised their 1st Amendment; consider Obama’s reported Kill List that can call for the assassination of Americans without evidence or trial. Many Americans are concerned TSA could several times a day, target and force x-ray searches on American travelers deemed undesirable by government at highway and other transportation check points. After a while targeted and other Americans out of fear for their health would be afraid to travel, even to work.


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