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TSA opt-out movement starts Monday

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will face some push-back during the big Thanksgiving travel week, as part of the Alex-Jones-ordered “Opt Out and Film Week.” From Nov. 19 through Nov. 26, Jones is encouraging travelers to refuse to go through the radiation-laden body scanners. They should also film the invasive body pat-down that will likely ensue if they decide to opt-out. The movement is designed to expose the practices of the TSA and help preserve basic human rights while traveling.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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How Long Before TSA Threatens Americans Traveling Anywhere—by Any Means of Transportation?

The Nazi Government randomly stopped, searched and delayed German Citizens boarding trains, buses driving and walking. Civilians deemed politically undesirable by the Reich Government were repeatedly stopped by the military, searched and questioned—made late for work—causing targeted Citizens to lose their jobs. Germans placed on (Nazi Do Not Hire Lists) similar to U.S. Homeland Security’s No Hire Lists started in 2010—could not survive. The Nazis put so-called undesirables on Do Not Rent Lists and barred Government Food Assistance. Expectantly: disparate Germans committed crimes precipitating the Nazis sending them to forced labor camps—where many died. Had the Nazis had X-ray scanners, no doubt the Nazis would have repeatedly overexposed targeted Citizens at checkpoints causing e.g. political targets to become ill or die.

Have You Been Secretly X-ray-Scanned by Government / Police?

Increasingly U.S. Government and Police covertly radiate, x-ray without warrants—inside private homes, Americans walking on the street; driving vehicles repeatedly x-ray “Persons of Interests.”

A Corrupt U.S. Government /agency, police and independent contractors can without public oversight use X-ray scanners to harm or kill Americans that government deems undesirable—overdose them with radiation. Almost every week there are reports of police arrested for e.g. selling drugs, taking bribes, planting evidence, committing perjury so it should be expected corrupt law enforcement will use covert x-ray scanners to harm Americans.

Consider Government’s COINTELPRO operation that abused and targeted Americans simply because they exercised their 1st Amendment; consider Obama’s reported Kill List that can call for the assassination of Americans without evidence or trial. Many Americans are concerned that TSA will several times a day, target and force x-ray searches on American travelers deemed undesirable by U.S. Government at highway and other transportation check points. After a while targeted and other Americans out of fear for their health would be afraid to travel, even to work.


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