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Man Facing 80 Years In Prison On Federal Charges Over Medical Marijuana In Montana!

•, Rebecca Richman Cohen
 Our federal marijuana policy is increasingly out of step with both the values of American citizens and with state law. The result is a system of justice that is schizophrenic and at times appalling.
Though the federal government considers marijuana a Schedule I
Controlled Substance and bans its use for medical purposes, a growing number of states feel differently. Today, 18 states and Washington, D.C., have legalized medical marijuana for people suffering from debilitating medical conditions like cancer, epilepsy, severe nausea, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain. And on Tuesday, Colorado and Washington State voted to legalize marijuana for adult use, regardless of medical condition. But these states cannot stop the federal government from enforcing its own laws.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Where the hell are all the Montana State officials and especially the sheriff who should have stopped these criminal thugs they call federal agents dead in their tracks and arrested? 

We do live in the Twilight Zone.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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This is absolute insane madness. Federal law is Gestapo dictatorship and has absolutely nothing to do with justice. The millions of lives that have been directly and indirectly  destroyed over a friggin plant is beyond imagine.


The bottom line is, this is all about money and keeping the slaves in line. These bastard thugs along with their brain dead drones with guns and badges will soon be held accountable for their actions because these thugs are the real criminals.

It has always been stated that crime does not pay, but that depends on which side of the bench you are sitting on.

How on earth can the sheeple stand by and continue to deal with this criminal corporate fascist regime called a federal government?