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Confronting the Fed, Alan Grayson Returns

•, by Staff Report
So Alan Grayson is back. We certainly disagree with his leftist politics but we liked the way he stood up to Ben Bernanke and analyzed information provided by the Fed.

We've written about Grayson mostly in respect to his grilling of the Fed's inspector general, Elizabeth Coleman. Here's what we wrote about those historical sessions way back in 2009:

Beginning of the End? Fed Cannot Account for $9 Trillion

We saw the interview with Elizabeth Coleman on TV and then again and again and again on It is entitled "Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?" and it is one of the single most astonishing moments (or minutes) ever manifested or preserved in this already-amazing digital era. A century ago, when the powers-that-be pushed through the act that set up the American Federal Reserve − which basically kicked off the central banking era in America and abroad − the kind of technological ubiquity offered by the Internet would certainly have been seen as a major and alarming challenge. Well, it is. 

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