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The Gaza And Syria Conflicts Highlight A Complex Web Of Alliances In The Middle East

• Michael Kelley and Geoffrey Ingersoll

Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Russia are propping up the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad. China has also voiced its position that no one should interfere, and acted in concert with Russia to veto any U.N. sanctions on Assad.

U.S.-made weapons from Qatar and Saudi Arabia reach the Free Syrian Army FSA rebels primarily through a secret Turkish weapons center, while Hamas in Gaza and Egypt have thrown their ideological support behind the rebels.

The Gaza conflict, on the other hand, found Iran, Turkey, Qatar and Egypt supporting Hamas while the U.S. and the EU stood firmly behind Israel's right to defend itself against incoming rockets. The Emir of Qatar gifted Hamas $400 million during his first ever visit to Gaza, and Turkey and Egypt both issued statements harshly "condemning" the "naked aggression" of U.S. ally Israel.