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Both Benghazi And The Petraeus Scandal Suggest US Media Is Way Too Cozy With The State

•, Geoffrey Ingersoll
 Immediately following the Benghazi crisis, U.S. media did its due diligence and flexed its sources, anonymous and otherwise, to uncover the truth about the attack — but then they purposely failed report the details because of requests from the CIA and the Obama administration.

 Michael Calderon of The Huffington Post reports that the AP, The New York Times and The Washington Post all withheld information at the behest of the CIA. Calderon also details how other news outlets failed to mention the true ties of CIA contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

From his report
ABC News, for example, reported that Doherty had been working to "round up dangerous weapons" in the country. One national security reporter told The Huffington Post that it was an "open secret" in national security circles that the former SEALs were working for the CIA.

The AP even went so far as to edit a Sept. 21 story it wrote, which revealed the employment status of Woods and Doherty; ensuring the edited version made no mention of Woods and Doherty's employment the CIA.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Divide and conquer. That's what they have done to the people of America. And it is rather easy once you get the technique down pat. It has two parts. Keep the people ignorant. Tell them multiple solutions to their problems.

There is approximately ONE THING that will bring these jokers down - outside of an act of God, that is. You need to find something that gives the people so much benefit, so much money, so much health, so much of something that the people REALLY want, that they will turn away from these jokers, and bring them down in the turning.

Well, THAT thing has always been available. You will find it in the Golden Rule, even though you will need to understand its technique in order to use it. It is right there in the Golden Rule. The trick is applying it in such a way that it will appear, and be, SO EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL to the people that the people automatically will use it to wipe out all the greed and hatred and bigotry of the big Government Power Elite.

Now, you go and figure it out. Because if you don't figure out something as simple as this on your own, you'll barely understand it when you see it.

But that's kinda the thing we want... people not understanding it. After all, that's the thing that the bad guys use to bring down the people... lack of understanding among the people. So let's use the lack of understanding among the people in a good way to get the people to want to act without even knowing that they are being manipulated by GOODNESS.

See if you can figure out the tricky way to apply the Golden Rule among all people to do this.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
Entered on:

The "MSM" has no Power other than the Power we allow them therefore do not allow them.Tell them! every time you see one that America hates them,and it will only get worse;for them that is.Tell them to Go To Hell.Hold up signs saying these things,and all the other things that convey Americas True Feelings,and Knowledge of what they are really doing to our country,and our Freedom...Tell Them America Hates Them every time you see one of them.Ask them how much time they spend with their families,and what they do for Entertainment,and if they ever go home to see Mom,and Dad....I don`t think they do.

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