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Paul Krugman Outright Calls for Printing Money and Lots of It

• Lew Rockwell blog
In his NY Times column today, Paul Krugman lets himself go and calls for an outright "inflation solution." The government, he says, does not have to worry about debt, since it can print as much money as it wants and investors apparently never will change any of their plans or expectations. 

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Comment by Ed Price
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Yabut, the majority of THE PEOPLE don't understand much about German or Argentine mass inflation. All that most people see is, "We need more money really bad! So print it as fast as you you can. And let me get my share."

People don't look at the economics, and the disaster behind printing currency. And this is the thing that has worked for the globalist bankers so far... the ignorance and the good will of THE PEOPLE. They (the bankers) are hoping that nobody will listen to all the gloom and doom patriot naysayers.

Comment by Ross Wolf
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The German Government during the 1930's tried to stimulate its depressed economy and pay its bills by printing money.  Suddenly there was huge inflation. German Citizens could not cash their paychecks fast enough to buy groceries before the price jumped daily. We know how that turned out. Inflation and depression laid the ground work for Hitler's fascist Germany.

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