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Copyright Bombshell: New Study Finds Megaupload's File-Sharing Supported Box Office

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But now it looks like such loony crackpots may indeed have a point. Criminalizing copyright may actually have an adverse effect on media distributon. It's actually a fairly sane theory. The idea is that one can steal a chair or table but not an idea. A poem is not a chair. A tune is not a table.

There are other interpretations, of course. But it is only "artists" in this day and age that insist (via the West's judicial system) on receiving pass-through revenue.

When people do not pay said royalty, the idea goes, the artist is being deprived of rightful wealth. Pretty simple, eh? Or maybe not. Maybe selective "thievery" has its place, after all. Here's some more from the article excerpted above:

Researchers from Munich School of Management and Copenhagen Business School published a short paper titled "Piracy and Movie Revenues: Evidence from Megaupload." The study analyzes weekly data from 1344 movies in 49 countries over a five-year period, to asses the impact of the Megaupload shutdown on movie theater visits.