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Army mom: Military suicides ‘out of control’

•, By Randal Yakey
 He stared out the front windshield, distant, said Libby Busbee, relating the story from an apartment complex in Callaway.

“I kept yelling, ‘Don’t you do this. Don’t do it.’ He wouldn’t turn his head to look at me,” she said, looking down at the burning cigarette in her hand.

A 911 call was made. The police pulled her away from the car.

William, Libby Busbee’s 23-year-old son, was talking with a police officer when he fired a shot through the front windshield of his car, according to the police report.

The police recoiled. William rapped on the window in apparent frustration, the report indicated.

Then the second shot was heard.

“I knew that was the one,” said Libby Busbee.

William Busbee took his life in March with his mother and sisters looking on.

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Comment by Anon Patriot
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The ONLY way, that this country will avoid a VIOLENT revolution (revolution means "change", by the way), will be if Americans CHANGE THE WAY THEY DO THINGS, non-violently.  However, it could be decades, before we reclaim our government, from the bottom-up, by re-taking Local and State then Federal political offices, with liberty-minded American patriots.  The alternative, is an enlightened military leader, who understands the evil that was foisted upon Americans, in 1913, called the 'Fed'eral Reserve, and the entire ECONOMIC history of the United States, and the role of Central Bankers in the decline of every aspect of American life.  With such a military leader - we could, potentially, restore the U.S. Constitution, and restore the Republic.  There would need to be a rather large group of military people, at the head of this coup, that would be prepared, begin prosecuting high-level "officials" for crimes against the American people.

Comment by John Delellis
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What do we expect with a president that found out that our brave sons and daughters that are protecting our life and our freedom, can be used to make him look and feel tough. He thinks that they are risking their lives for him. He really thinks he is principal soldier. Our military is in a," rock in a hard place"! They know their sacrifice goes without appreciation from him( Obama ). Our President has sent troops to over 75 countries . They're exhausted and he could care less. Mr. Obama is a blind ignoramus who's only cares to rip our belly open ; using corruption and divisiveness and a lot of stupid corrupt people to help him out!!--- those morons!!! He's going to keep it up until we begin to scream, scream and scream--- louder louder and louder. Revolt , by the grace of God , we can take back this country and punish and imprison these gutless wonders!

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