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TSA Claims It Is Above Congressional Oversight


The hearing, schedule for Thursday, will be held by the Subcommittee on Aviation, a part of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (TIC). It is titled HOW BEST TO IMPROVE OUR NATION’S AIRPORT PASSENGER SECURITY SYSTEM THROUGH COMMON SENSE SOLUTIONS.

Headed by Rep. Thomas Petri, it will “examine the impact that the regulations and policies of the Transportation Security Administration have on aviation passenger experience and the free flow of aviation commerce,” according to a brief on the subcommittee’s website (PDF).

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Comment by Anon Patriot
Entered on:

I think Americans need to fear their government more than anything. I don’t think there is any difference, whatsoever, between let’s say – ‘City’ of London and other EU Central Bankers, and the Rockefellers. I think J.D. Rockefeller was a Rothschild-Agent, and the present day Rockefeller Family doesn’t come close to the Rothschilds in terms of total wealth/holdings. That said, I think the goal of ALL International Central Bankers is the same: NWO. Why Americans need to fear their government, is because the U.S. Government, is now practically totally controlled by Wall St. TBTF (“Too-Big-To-Fail”) Banks, that own the so-called ‘Fed’ – the same Central Bankers mentioned previously. BRIC countries and NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) countries around the world know the score. (They approved Statehood for Palestine). They are NOT on-board, with Western Central Banker Global Hegemony via Israel, the U.S., or whoever. Once the vast majority of the world, stops playing along with the Central Bankers Globalist NWO game – WHO, exactly, will be left for the Western Central Bankers to totally enslave? That’s right – the citizens of the Western World – primarily American citizens, whose tax money pays for virtually everything. Well, trouble is: YOU CAN ONLY SQUEEZE SO MUCH BLOOD FROM A STONE. Eventually, you just wear yourself out, from the effort. Then, your system collapses. The World Order will morph into something – revolution simply means change – real change, not the phony mirage of “hope and change” that was promised by the top PR person for the Central Bankers, in 2008. The good news – the ‘takeaway’ from all this? THEIR SYSTEM IS COLLAPSING RIGHT BEFORE OUR VERY EYES. Get prepared. In time, we’ll have the opportunity to Restore the Republic, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the America we used to know. Sure, it won’t be EXACTLY the same as we remember it. Maybe it’ll be BETTER. 

How The Globalists Write The Script, And What Can Be Done to Change the Story

Be sure to read the article author’s SOLUTIONS, at the end of the article!


Comment by Anon Patriot
Entered on:

U.S. Government (owned and operated by Wall St. “TBTF” Banks), has basically given TSA goons, a blank check, to steal from, grope and otherwise humiliate Americans in Airport Terminals, across the country. Thank God, for the BRIC countries, and the NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) countries, that don’t seem to be totally “on-board” with the Western Central Bankers Globalist NWO Agenda. Problem is: IF the rest of the world isn’t on board with their NWO Agenda – then, who will be left, for them to enslave? That’s right – citizens of the Western Hemisphere. Maybe my analysis is overly simplistic – maybe all governments are totally in agreement with each other against their own people? I doubt it. 

BRICS: The World’s New Banker?

Or maybe, the threat of U.S. invasion, is what keeps most of the smaller players in line? Remember, one of the mottoes of the people at the top, is “ORDO AB CHAO”. You see, if you are a governmental body – your job is essentially “Crisis Management” – so, if there’s no “crisis” – YOU ARE OUT OF A JOB! Of course, “crisis management” is what they SAY they are about, in order to get taxpayer funding. However, as anyone who lived through Hurricane Sandy can attest, FEMA is a total WASTE of taxpayer money, since they shut down, closed their offices, due to bad weather!

(FEMA disaster center shuttered “due to weather”

THAT is the reason why the International Central Bankers of the Western World, don’t care if their system collapses! They’ll still be in control of the emerging new system – or their coveted NWO, since the U.S. Government will be standing by, with bated breath, awaiting their next instructions from the International Central Bankers. Or, will they? What if the U.S. Military said: “Enough is enough”, and stood down! Or, simply took over Congress, and restored the U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights? What if EVERY COP in America woke up to the fact, that they were, in fact, trained, to serve the fascist 1%? And, they all decided to stop doing that, and instead, decided to begin to work on their original, true mission, which always was, and is, to “protect and serve” the general public, by upholding and defending the U.S. Constitution – not the corporations, or the 1% that own them. How refreshing would that be? AND, BEST PART: IT IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE! Time is of the essence now, folks. It’s time to wake some people up!


Mark Passio – Free Your Mind Conference 2011
WAKE UP, U.S. Soldiers and Cops! YOU SERVE THE 1% !!!


Operation Vampire Killer 2012


The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope

Every U.S. Soldier and COP, needs to check out the following site:

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Two things are happening among the people simultaneously. One, the people are waking up to how they have lost their freedoms. Two, the Government is encroaching on freedoms more and more all the time.

What's ironic about this is, the more the people attempt to express and exert their freedom, the more the government thinks that the people are the terrorists that they need to protect the people from. And the more Government thinks and acts this way, the more the Government becomes the terrorist that the people need protection from.

The reason we need the Congress to continue to exist is, we still need Government to think that they are pulling the wool over the peoples' eyes. The Government is putting on a big show by having Congress exist... by not declaring a Presidential dictatorship right out in the open. If the dictatorship were declared... the people are not used to it enough, yet. The people just might formally rebel in physical ways rather than simple, peaceful occupy protests. Neither we the people, nor the Government, are ready for full-scale violence, yet.

IF we can train the people that the ONLY criminal activity is activity that does damage or harm - and in a few cases threats of damage or harm - and if we can do it faster than government can train the people in the lie that they need the nanny state, we just might be able to switch back to freedom without violence.

The trouble is that people want to believe that there is hope. And if they don't focus realistically, they are almost worse off than if they had no hope at all. We all do this... hope in ways that are not realistic some of the time. It is a shame that most of the great thinkers, those great enough to set up a "United States of Ametica" like the founding fathers did, happen to be greedy enough that they want money rather than righteousness.

So, where do people focus for their hope? Used to be the main stream media. With the advent of the Internet, that has changed some. But even the Internet is gradually succumbing to pressures of the main stream media. Why? The people are not quite sure that the nanny state is the wrong answer.

Our answer is, we need to learn the reasons for the problems we have. We need to learn how to state those reasons among our friends and neighbors, in language that they understand. We need to learn to be teachers right among those around us. And we need to do it fast and soon, before the dictatorship is declared, formally. Freedom's Phoenix is helping us with this.

Our greatest need is... NO FEAR.

Comment by Olde Reb
Entered on:

 All expenditure bills must be approved by the House.  What if the House deletes any funding of the TSA ????

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
Entered on:

Why do we even have a CONgress any longer?  All they are is a club  of self serving criminal puppet drones that are only there to carry on the illusion that the sheeple have some voice in what happens to them and Amerkia.

Why is it that the men America loves the most are those who lie and deceive them, but violently oppose those who try to tell them the truth?


Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

As stated in the past, "pro-" is the opposite of "con-" like Con-gress is the opposite of progress, right? But does that mean that the Constitution is the opposite of prostitution? I mean, the TSA gets all the groping in that they can, right?

Comment by Dennis Treybil
Entered on:

Such a refusal to report to the representatives of the people is an affront to the Constitution's guarantee "to every state in this union a republican form of government."

To refuse to answer to Congress is to refuse to answer to the people.  In a republic the people are the supreme power - not the various agencies funded through the government by their taxes.

DC Treybil

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