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Obama Moving To Steal Your Pension Plan

• Adam Strange - Before It**Q**s News
Obama has been lusting after your private retirement and pension funds for years. Now it’s being reported the federal government is accelerating its plans to grab your monies and tarnish your Golden Years.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Ha, ha, ha, ha. DCT, you are sooooo funny. Yet, your point is well taken.

In all our freedom fights - as Ernie says - if we aren't having fun, we are doing it wrong. Why is it wrong if we don't have fun? Because things like fun, joy, pleasure and pleasantness are the only desirable things we take with us. And we only take them with us during our life.

There is no remembrance in the grave where we are going. And within a hundred years after we are gone, nobody will remember us personally, and even the best of biographies will only suggest what we might have been in life.

Fight for what is right because it gives you joy. If it doesn't give you joy, train yourself. Put yourself into the mindset that it DOES give you joy.

Comment by Dennis Treybil
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 Little Suzie came home from school.  As usual, her mother asked about her day there.  Suzie told her mother that some boys had given her 50 cents to climb a tree.  He mother warned her duly.  "Little Suzie," she said, "those boys are only doing that so they can see your panties."

The next days, Little Suzie came in and was asked again by her mother, "Did you show those boys your panties again today?"

"No," said Little Suzie.  "I got them to raise their offer to a dollar today.  And I even got the dollar.  But I fooled them.  I didn't wear any panties today!"

Me, I'm with Little Suzie.  Way back when, I was headed toward the back of a national book store where the science fiction was.  I happened through the financial section.  A cover in bold on the spine of a book caught my eye.  Did I just see THAT?!!!  So I backed up, and there it was:


I thought to myself, this is what I'm gonna' do anyway, so why not put this on my coffee table so I can tell all my friends that I planned it that way.  So I got it.  And I continued to live accordingly.

I fooled the pension plan robbers the same way Little Suzie fooled those michievious boys.  She didn't wear any panties and I didn't get a pension fund.

So there!

DC Treybil

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