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If Peter Thiel And Garry Kasparov Are Right About The Innovation Crisis, Then We're In Trouble

• Business Insider
Professor Kenneth Rogoff wrote the Business Insider piece as his defense of his participation in the event linked below
Was the global financial crisis a harsh but transitory setback to advanced-country growth, or did it expose a deeper long-term malaise?

Recently, a few writers, including internet entrepreneur Peter Thiel and political activist and former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, have espoused a fairly radical interpretation of the slowdown. In a forthcoming book, they argue that the collapse of advanced-country growth is not merely a result of the financial crisis; at its root, they argue, these countries’ weakness reflects secular stagnation in technology and innovation. As such, they are unlikely to see any sustained pickup in productivity growth without radical changes in innovation policy.

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The Innovation Enigma

Garry Kasparov, Peter Thiel, Professor Kenneth Rogoff, Mark Shuttleworth

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The Innovation Enigma - Is the current growth crisis a result of decades of technological stagnation in a risk-averse society? A dynamic Oxford Union debate about innovation and the coming technological deficit involving Garry Kasparov, 13th world chess champion, writer and political activist; Peter Thiel, technology entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist; Professor Kenneth Rogoff, Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Public Policy and Professor of Economics at Harvard University; and Mark Shuttleworth, technology entrepreneur and founder of the Ubuntu project.

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