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Majority of Americans to Feds: Let the Weed Smokers Be

• Common Dreams
 A day after marijuana became effectively legal in Washington, compelling the Justice Department to consider possible legal action against the state, a new poll announces that a majority of Americans think the federal government should simply back down and let Americans light up and enjoy their new won freedom.
According to the HuffPost/YouGov poll released Friday, fifty-one percent of Americans support the idea that "in the two states that have legalized marijuana use for adults, the federal government should exempt any adults following state laws from federal drug law enforcement." Only 30 percent of those polled believe federal enforcement agencies should continue to expend resources in states where voters have approved new rules legalizing recreational use of marijuana.

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Comment by Margo Bald
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The Feds do not want to let go of this because it is a power trip for them.  States' Rights are something for Federal Goon Squads to roll right over.  After all, did we not have a Moron-in-Chief who once, flat out said, that the Constitution and Bill of Rights was just a g-d piece of paper?  Yes we did, sports fans, and I'd be willing to bet this same Moron has not changed his tune!

For those who say the War on Drugs is a failure; au contraire!  It has done just exactly what the federal government wanted it to do.  Criminalize victimless 'crimes', drive up the profit margins on the drug trade, and create a prison class, to be used and exploited as third world type slaves for performing services, undercutting the rest of Americans, not a small number who try, fruitlessly, to find jobs that do not exist.  Some of these have gone into the Prison Industrial Complex, such as CCA, and they do not pay the inmates much, if anything.  And the ones they are keeping in prison are the non-violent ones, who won't cause trouble when mandated to be a slave.  The violent ones are being transferred or just let out, because they will cause a ruckus when told to be a slave.  So, if you were an Exploiter and you had your choice of who to make a slave, well, duh, no contest here.

So, the States will have to fight, tooth and nail, against this federal leviathon, is what this all boils down to.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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I REALLY hate it when you link to leftist sites that will not even let you post without closing your account. Are there not any other sources for this information?

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