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Doha Didn't Do So Well But the Elites Will Surely Strike Again

•, by Staff Report
 But the very difficulty of negotiating climate change agreements regarding Kyoto presents to us another "big idea."

What's the big idea? Well ... let's start, briefly, at the beginning.

One of the main weapons of the power elite is climate change. People are supposed to be panicked by the idea of global warming and therefore be willing to give up power and wealth to globalist institutions.

The dominant social theme when it comes to climate change is that the Earth is becoming a more arid and difficult place and that only concerted international action can save us. The subdominant theme is that it doesn't much matter what is happening with the weather. SOMETHING is happening and that something demands immediate action.

The West – so-called developed countries – are to give up power and wealth in aggregate to developing ones. This is actually a wealth transfer that is apparently getting the world ready for global government. Only when rich and poor countries have "evened out" will it be possible to build a true global economy.

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