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Another Meme Sours? EU Peace Prize Generates Continued Debate

•,by Staff Report

Coming after a previous controversial award to US President Barack Obama, it seemed increasingly evident that this particular Nobel, anyway, was becoming in the parlance of the mainstream media, "politicized."

Of course, from our point of view, the entire Nobel establishment is "politicized." The power elite that runs it even created a separate "Nobel" for economics and regularly awards various Nobels that are evidently and obviously a kind of propaganda.

What propaganda is the power elite trying to promote? Whatever reinforces the meme of world government. In this case, the EU award for "world peace" is a clear example of the abuse of the awards system.

Many Nobels in some sense reinforce the dominant social theme of global governance. The subdominant theme might be that "you, too" can make a difference by pulling the levers of government. Always, when possible, the idea of substantive change via legislation seems to be stressed.

Government is very important to the power elite, as it rules via mercantilism behind the scenes – exercising the force of government in ways average people have little or no knowledge.  

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