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Shock: Onion Takes Aim at Official 9/11 Story

•, by Staff Report
 We are very surprised to see this sort of article at the Onion, as we long ago gave up on this website as a site that was as predictable as it was unfunny.

Maybe it was a mistake? But, no ... the editorial is featured on the top righthand side, the most important place.

Weird, eh? Is this the advent of a new Onion? Will this version actually aspire to be Lenny Bruce rather than Gomer Pyle?

Humor, especially in increasingly authoritarian times, often needs to be edgy to be truly good. Often we have found the Onion to be dull rather than innovative.

Hey, a lot of people like the site. And since we haven't read it regularly, perhaps we're being too harsh. Certainly, this editorial by "Santa" is one for the records. It's biting, subversive and strangely concise.