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Paul Craig Roberts: Can’t Have A Police State & An Armed Population, They’re Going To Take Our Guns

Going After Guns
Paul Craig Roberts: You Can’t Have A Police State And An Armed Population, They’re Going To Take Our Guns Away:

An RT reporter tries to force Paul Craig Roberts into her gun control narrative and miserably fails. Paul argues that if the government can’t keep people from drinking alcohol and can’t keep people from taking drugs, it can’t keep people from owning guns. The only thing gun control will accomplish is an increase in the crime rate and a more docile population for the government to manipulate.

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Comment by Tom Westbrook
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It becomes very difficult to vote the person out of office when that person is the only one who owns guns.

Comment by Christopher Campbell
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Youre never a profit in your own land, but the political dynamic we see now is something that I predicted and hoped for. 


I got quite a bit of heat from my fellow Ron Paul supporters when I bypassed the Romney question and said that I didnt support, rather hoped that Obama wins. Ron Paul certainly woke up a lot of people, most of which were those hard working people who can tie their shoes. My angle was that no one can wake up more of the TV head diet coke drinkers then Obama. IfWhen the zombie apocalypse comes, I prefer to have a general consensus from those around me that are not aware of the devils in the details because I wont have time to explain "Why" and "How" to ensure my own safety. In short, I would rather not weep at night leaving good people behind because they are unable to "get it".


My slogan was, "4 more years, 40 million more minds".

Comment by Ed Price
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You will find that the reason that America has a high gun murder rate is that people have let themselves become lax in their use of guns for self defense. You will also find, when you research it, that people who have better weapons will gradually make slaves of those who don't. The proof? Look at the massacres of innocent people our military is doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Comment by Ed Price
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You can usually tell who is the hateful person. He starts name-calling, and demeaning the character of someone else. Usually he does this because he doesn't have any viable answer to the question, or reasonable points to be made in the debate.

Notice how PM moves himself into the position of a hateful person. That alone suggests that the things that he is advocating are unreasonable.

Again, the points are these. We can see, if we research it, that many people who have guns protect themselves and their families from would be killers. And now, we have seen once again, what happens when average good people obediently disarm themselves by obeying gun laws and ordinances.

Since we can protect ourselves when we have guns, and since we often can't protect ourselves if we don't have guns, let's load up on guns and protect ourselves. Once we have eliminated the criminals who are attacking us, we will REALLY have nothing to fear, since the vast majority of us are NOT criminally oriented to attack one another with guns.

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